2. Office Shenanigans of Season 4 

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    Kittyinva: September, 1922 cover of “Life” magazine. Another glimpse of the fascination the 1920’s had with the 18th century.

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    Tom Lehrer is a mathematician, satirist and pianist known for his parody “pop” songs making fun of world events… and math. Championing anti-nuclear war efforts and the political left, he stopped giving performances in protest against the escalating state of US-Russia tensions and the failing of world peace organizations such as the UN. You can watch many of his parody songs such as “National Brotherhood Week,” “We Will All Go Together when We Go” and “New Math” on Youtube.

    Also his sensitive intellectual look was on point. Dem glasses, girl.

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    Nowadays, Chapron bodied Delages can command upwards of a million. Talk about appreciation.

    It’s crazy to think how much these classic era cars depreciated before they appreciated in value to the levels they are at today.

    Delages at a discount?  I’d be all over that.

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    sam page.

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    One day old baby Dominik.

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